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A Complete Migration Competency that Helps You Succeed

Today, organizations deploy new technology quickly to keep up with competitive forces and expectations for profitability. With a long laundry list of technology to-dos, your finite IT resources are often stretched to the limit.

Vision Solutions has competency in the skills and toolsets needed to eliminate the strain on your resources; dramatically reduce server downtime, and offset the risks associated with migrating complex, multi-layered computing environments.

Regardless of OS or hypervisor, Vision Solutions offers the technology needed to make every in-house migration a success. And if you need more horsepower, our professional services experts can put their knowledge and best-practices methodologies to work for you. We’ve successfully migrated tens of thousands of servers and have several different ways to handle yours.

  • Deploy strategic new systems more quickly
  • Ease the strain on your internal IT resources
  • Eliminate downtime
  • Mitigate the risks associated with untested processes
Adventist Health
“Vision’s product was the best. We cut our downtime to a fraction of what it would have otherwise been.”
- Florencio Alcocer, Senior System Engineer

Kraft Foods
“Vision played a key role in Kraft’s successful migration. Everyone at Vision was professional and skilled on all levels. We couldn’t have done it without them.”
- Edna Sevilla, Project Manager

Migrations by Vision Solutions